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The McDonough, Georgia area has exploded all over the city, and if you're looking for a new place, a recently built home from Sunrise Builders is a warm welcome to this new city.

The apartments are located in the city center, just a few blocks from McDonough Golf Club. The golf club is located near the city and has 127 restaurants, bars and cafes. Located in a small town of just over 1,000 inhabitants, this city has had a great time with its new residents and businesses.

Georgia Highway 20 was originally located northeast of McDonough and is one of the oldest buildings in Henry County. This McDonough icon is the former home of Henry Henry, the founder of Georgia State University. Henry's original land area stretched from the Chattahoochee River in Sandy Springs to the north, covering most of what is now Greater Atlanta and was much larger than it is today.

McDonough is in the middle of the city and country and is a great place to stay. There are no parking spaces, although there are plenty of parking garages and parking lots near the Georgia State University campus and 893 restaurants are serving McDonough Park, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

During your stay there are many things to do and see, including a visit to historic McDonough Square. During your visit, you will learn a little about Henry County and be on your way to a perfect weekend.

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Designed by legendary golf course designer and former Georgia State University golfer Jack Nicklaus, Cotton Fields Golf Club features a variety of courses and courses for golfers of all skill levels. For more information about golf in McDonough, GA, visit the other golf courses in Henry County.

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If you're planning a weekend getaway or traveling outside the state, Henry County has the trip for you, but you'd never know if you live in Atlanta. With a diverse mix of attractions that will boost the excitement in your engine and see you in an hour, Henry County, Georgia, offers more options than ever for those of you who live or work near Atlanta, Atlanta - residents and visitors alike.

Southern Belle Farm offers a very festive experience and with a 330 hectare farm run by a family of three generations, it's a fun thing. Richard Craig Parker does many activities for the community of McDonough, Georgia, including playing football, hitting baseball or even jogging.

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More About McDonough