Mcdonough Georgia Restaurants

The PJ Cafe dining room overlooks the bustling downtown McDonough square and offers southern favorites such as roasted green tomatoes, chicken and waffles, as well as a variety of sandwiches and salads. Group types are comfortable, but suitable for children and adults alike, and can accommodate up to eight people.

For a few friends or a group of up to 100 people, the French market tavern can offer a delicious and elegant spread. While you eat and eat delicious food, you should definitely walk around and see the home and bathroom specialties they offer for sale.

When you arrive, park at a designated location and alert the store with your phone number, email or receipt. You can also add your item to the list of restaurants that have been notified that you want to pick up the curb.

If you're in Ellenwood and you're looking for something cold and sweet, make sure you stop by and head to the CherryBerry Yogurt Bar in Locust Grove. If you are in Ellenwood, you can also have a cup of coffee or a glass of wine if you fancy.

If you want to combine something with this caffeine intake, there are also various pastries and smoothies. If you think donuts are perfect at any time of day, Holey's Sweet Donuts will satisfy your cravings. You have an online ordering option so that your food is ready for you on arrival.

Burger Theory is at the Holiday Inn Suites in Stockbridge, but don't be put off. If you fancy a bite to eat in a shop, head to the French market tavern in Locust Grove.

Enjoy sandwiches made with quality ingredients, topped with delicious vegetables of your choice, while delicious soups and salads are made to order for absolute freshness. Bebe, where you will get first class food, service and atmosphere, and enjoy a place to eat with friends and family. You will know that you will enjoy it when you come back to a meal, even if it is only a few hours later.

Lickin 'Chicken is home to some of the best wings in town, and we know this is not your typical restaurant. Don't be put off by the lack of breakfast options, but something you like, the Best Breakfast in Stockbridge has it all. They serve a variety of omelets, pancakes, waffles, porridge, breakfast sandwiches and much more. If you choose the omelet, you will leave a full plate of delicious food and a good feeling in your stomach.

In addition to the delicious food, there is a wide selection of fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as some of the best coffees and teas in town.

Six gourmet burgers grace the menu, including a Portobello version, or you can make your own. If burgers are not your thing, you can make yourself delicious with a selection of salads, soups and sandwiches, as well as a variety of sandwiches and salads.

Mixed vegetables, red cabbage and carrots, garnished with grilled chicken, hard-boiled eggs, fried onions and Roma tomatoes. Try some of your favorites, like the chicken and cheese sandwich with a side of roasted red peppers and roasted tomatoes or the grilled chicken sandwich with roasted peppers, tomatoes and garlic and the roasted onion salad with garlic and tomatoes.

One of the classic chicken finger (tm), hidden in a toast and garnished with Zax sauce (r). It is served with a side of Kidz for drinking or one of their typical drinks, such as Kidz Ice Cream (r) or a glass of wine.

Delicate, tasty boneless wings are tossed in a creamy ranch sauce before being served with celery ranch sauce. Choose from a variety of toppings such as chicken wings, chicken nuggets or chicken and cheese fries (tm).

If your taste buds could use a wake-up call, why not stop your appetite for snacks by tucking into one of the classic chicken fingers on a toasted bun and rounding it off with Zax Sauce (tm)? Hand-breaded on the outside and tender on the inside, this is the bad boy who is secretly the biggest ol'softie on this menu. Dough - fried mushroom pieces, ranch - dip sauce, chips with chicken and cheese and best of all, it's all in one.

Whether you're looking for a cake for special occasions or just need a sweet tooth repair, Crumbles Bakery has something for everyone. Whether you're looking for a good ole'ole county cookin, Baby Jane's Southern Home Cooking will bring a smile to your face that will accompany you until your next meal.

The restaurant offers dishes with a southern touch of Cajun favourites, from cornbread to bourbon - glazed salmon, to warm the palates. If you fancy shopping at Tangier outlets in Locust Grove, you can find Gezzo's West Coast burritos.

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More About McDonough