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Atlanta Motor Speedway offers thrills BeyondA is a NASCAR race weekend, and it is home to some of the country's most famous tourist attractions. In Henry County, family businesses get access to the "best of both worlds," including top-notch public schools, a state-approved medical center, and a world-class university. Life in Georgia is great, but there are still plenty of adventures in the bucket - lists are still flying under the radar, so we sat down to take a deep look at the history of one of Georgia's most famous and popular tourist destinations.

The Northside Trail runs through picturesque Tanyard Creek Park in just one mile and connects Ardmore Park with Atlanta Memorial Park. The Nancy Creek Trail offers scenic views of the Chattahoochee River and downtown Atlanta.

Reeves Creek Trail leads through the large city of Henry County, which is located just 20 miles south of Atlanta. The Whetstone Creek Trail runs along the river and is built on an old railroad spur, with views of the Chattahoochee River and downtown Atlanta in the background.

David Clements came from here soon after the foundation of the county and played an important role in the early settlement of the city. In 1867 John M. Dorsey, whose farm later became known as Speers Farm, moved to McDonough.

Life in Henry County was very good in 1820, as McDonough was the only town in the county to become a business, cultural and educational center for the area. He lived here for a while and became one of the most influential people in his community and a prominent figure in local history.

McDonough has a lot of history, although my interest lies in the history of the city itself, its history as a city and its place in Georgia's history. Today it is a thriving and beautiful city that combines the best of both worlds: a beautiful city and a great place for business, entertainment and tourism.

What follows is a list of eight places in Henry County where history has a name and a heart, where the city of McDonough, its history and its place in Georgia's history. Georgia Highway 20 originally stood in the northeast of McDonough and the architectural style of the house was a well-built house. This yellow-painted wooden structure stood on John Frank Ward Boulevard for many years before being moved to Heritage Park. It is one of the oldest buildings in Henry County and was the first library building dedicated to the library system.

It is interesting that Hazlehurst House was used as a hospital for the state during the Civil War and is filled with artifacts that go back in time and history. Guided tours are offered Monday through Saturday and are led by veterans who share the museum's collection of historical items, including vehicles, military memorabilia, uniforms and more, starting with World War I. It is part of a ghost tour and includes an area of wrecks, as well as the remains of an old railway station and other historic buildings.

McDonough, GA - Originally inhabited by the Creek Indian Nation, Henry Country is considered one of Georgia's oldest tribes, which built solid houses, farmed and kept large herds of livestock. The original Henry County became known as Mother Counties, many of which formed around it and which once included Henry County and parts of DeKalb County.

The tornado was embedded in a straight line of wind damage that stretched through central Carroll County. Significant and widespread damage was reported in the rest of Henry County, as well as parts of DeKalb County and the city of McDonough.

McDonough lost most of his growth when a railroad line passed him and merged with a smaller town called Marthasville, now called Atlanta. Other lines connected the city to Jackson and Fayetteville and Decatur and Macon. The city was the location of the first post office in Atlanta and was home to Georgia State University and the University of Georgia, as well as a number of other colleges and universities. Another line connected the city via Jackson, Arkansas, and connected it to Fenton, Atlanta and other major cities such as Savannah, Athens, Peachtree - Dunwoody, Cobb, DeKalb and Fulton.

Georgia and the West Atlantic Railway survey the area around McDonough and form a junction where the Georgia and Atlantic Railways, which is now the Atlanta - Macon - Atlanta line, are located.

Clayton was the son of Hunt Clements, who lived three miles east of the city, and his family's brother, J.A. Berry, was killed in the Battle of Decatur in 1864. The oldest son, Thomas Sloan, was a member of the 1st Georgia Infantry Regiment of the U.S. Army and fell in the battles of Spartanburg. Brannan was captured near Knoxville, Tennessee, and was an officer in the Confederate Army, but died in captivity.

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More About McDonough