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The third annual McDougall's Atlanta Motor Speedway Grand Prix will take place on Saturday, June 4 at Georgia International Raceway in Atlanta, Georgia. More than 1,000 racers from across the nation will compete in eight different classes at Atlanta Motor Speedway on Sunday night to become the so-called champion.

Tickets are available at affordable prices and include access to all areas of the show, including the grandstands, Grand Prix and all other events at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Grandstand tickets are only $5 for adults and grass racers - Roots racers and children under 12 have free entry. Other attractions include the Georgia International Raceway Children's Playarea and Noah's Ark Animal Rehabilitation Center, which welcomes visitors to see the animals in their natural environment.

Henry County Water Authority developed the Nature Center as a way to protect and improve wetlands and disseminate knowledge about wildlife and conservation. The park's facilities and facilities have been designed and maintained to provide a natural environment for recreation, education, recreation and recreation for children and adults. Sports programmes and special events are offered to local citizens and depend on the public interest to succeed. If you do not sponsor any activity or sport of interest, please contact other sponsors in your community and do one yourself.

If you know someone who deserves recognition, please let us know here or contact us. VoyageATL builds on the community's recommendations and shares how we discover hidden treasures and share them with the world.

Download a copy of the Henry County Geocaching Passport to participate, or call 770-288-7300 and pick one up. For more information, visit our website, Facebook page and Twitter account @ Henry CountyGeocachings.

If you need a quiet break from the crowds, visit the historic village, visit the Veterans Museum, take a walk over the charming covered bridge or visit historic villages. Pumpkins picking on the pumpkin field, enjoying the corn maze, watching pig and cow races on the farm and much more.

If it is a team or player fee, it will be transferred to the head office after the deadline has been set. The wildlife habitat is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., while the reserve opens at 9 a.m. Take a walk along one of the trails and see how many species of animals you can discover in the wetlands. Take a look at the boardwalk built by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (GA DNR) and Georgia State University.

What sets us apart from other venues is our values and vision, which forces us to provide our customers with first-class customer service to improve the Event Loft experience for our customers. We are expanding for the second time to meet the needs of the Henry County Parks and Recreation Board of Recreation and are proud to offer a full day of activities for all ages and abilities, from children to adults. I give God credit, but what I'm most proud of is that our customers who have booked with us and given the event loft such good reviews have been our biggest cheerleaders, "he said.

The affordable and creative space allows guests to spend a healthy time with family, friends and business partners. McDonough has convenient shops and restaurants, and the park has a historic village. Children can also enjoy the treatment at the water fountains and the baths near the hiking trail. It also has hiking trails and was a popular spot for Pokemon Go players and is home to the Henry County Park and Recreation Board of Recreation.

This is a free visit in the fall, when there is no admission fee of $14 per person and all activities are included in the fall. Children under 17 years of age have free entry to McDonough Park and Recreation Board of Recreation and children under 17 years of age have no entry without a paying adult in their seat. Children: Free for children under 18 years and for all adults.

The museum is open on Fridays and Saturdays from 10 am to 5 pm, the park all day. Enjoy a free 18-hole course at JP Moseley Disc Golf, located in Mosesley Park in Stockbridge, bring your own discs and play.

The museum is located in the Veterans Museum of Heritage Park and features military vehicles, uniforms and artifacts. The museum is located in the historic building on the south side of the park, next to the Veterans Administration building.

It is one of the oldest buildings in Henry County and was originally located on Georgia Highway 20 northeast of McDonough. Until 2003 it was used by Sunday school classes. In the early 1950s, it moved to its current location on the south side of Georgia Street, north of Interstate 75.

Colonel Nolan moved to Jacksonville, Florida, where he studied law and served two terms as mayor of Jacksonville. After the camp was demolished in 1953, Planters Lumber co-founder Jerry Tolbert donated his lumber to the McDonough Fire Department. Numerous small, carved log houses were built on the farm as storage and stable space. Jerry and Tolberts were responsible for the ownership and operation of the small farm that the people of Henry County had grown fond of over the years.

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More About McDonough